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The Eighth International Conference on Mars kicks off today - a perfect opportunity to share the USGS’s beautiful geologic map of Mars. The last map like this was made in 1986, and we’ve learned a whole lot since then. 

The different colors represent different types of rock. Viewed through a geological lens the red planet looks more like a rainbow planet.

The Mapmakers: Kenneth L. Tanaka, James A. Skinner, Jr., James M. Dohm, Rossman P. Irwin, III, Eric J. Kolb, Corey M. Fortezzo, Thomas Platz, Gregory G. Michael, and Trent M. Hare

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By Nava Lubelski, working with the idea of destruction and restoration, tearing and cutting stained areas of a painted canvas then carefully repairing them with embroidery. The web-like structures over the larger holes are beautiful and embellish the repair work in such a precious way, the contrasting colours on the final image really stand out for me too.

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Adam Frezza & Terri Chiao

Paper Plants

Excerpts from A Controlled Wild
Mixed media sculptures (painted paper, wire, plaster, flocking)

Paper Plants examines the tension between nature and artifice made tangible in the cultivation of plants. Created through various paper-building techniques, brightly colored sculptures of fictional plant forms read like three-dimensional botanical illustrations in an everyday landscape. Inspired by the parallels between horticulture and art-making, the paper plants stem from a natural desire to control and beautify that which could be considered wild.

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